Boys Vs. Girls Dresscode

Maleah Curtis, Publicity and Advertising staff, staff writer

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As everyone knows, dress code has been an ongoing feud between the assistant principals and students for as long as anyone can remember. Of course the assistant principal are just doing their jobs enforcing the dress code to the students, but the real question is: Is the dress code fair between the boys and the girls?
After talking to different students, along with Mrs. Feller, there has been an array of opinions. While Feller says she thinks after this year it’s fair, our students think differently.
“I don’t think it’s 100% fair,” senior Easton Elroy said. “I believe they try, but guys shouldn’t be able to wear short-shorts and muscle shirts when girls get dress coded before first period for things less ‘revealing’ things.”
Many students at AHS think the dress code should be less strict.
“I don’t think it’s fair that guys can wear pretty much anything out of their closet, when girls are restricted from so much,” senior Barbra Rueda said. “Off the shoulder shirts should be allowed considering the crown of my shoulder should be less ‘distracting’ than a guys muscle shirt.”
Although the students argue that the dress code isn’t fair, the staff thinks differently and Feller has something to say about it.
“Maybe years ago I would have said that it wasn’t quite fair, but as of this year with our improvements, I do indeed think it’s fair,” Feller said. “I’m sure there are boys and girls that get away with things that they aren’t supposed to, but that’s exactly why we need the teachers to look out for them as much as we do, without them, all of us assistant principals can’t see every student throughout the day,”
To conclude the argument, although there are still things the students want changed for the dress code, we are grateful for the changes that have been made thus far.