OPINION: All Teachers Should Allow Students to Listen to Music While They Work

Photo of Preston Hennessy hard at work while listening to music.
Photo of Preston Hennessy hard at work while listening to music.
Annalicia Trammell

Students all learn at different paces and have different ways of taking in information. They also have different ways of staying focused in class like listening to music while doing work. Students listen to music in class for many different reasons, some are helpful some are not.

Some students use music for their benefit to help them stay focused and get through assignments. Another beneficial part of music being played in a classroom setting is if a teacher is playing music aloud that students enjoy listening to while they work. It can help them stay focused and could allow them to feel more comfortable in the class. Music can also help students not feel stressed when working on assignments. Music can help make a person feel calm especially when doing a task such as schoolwork.

There is nothing wrong with a student listening to music in class if it is for a good reason. It only becomes a distraction if the student is constantly on their phone trying to find a song, or if the music is up so loud that the student can’t hear someone talking to them. One way a student can avoid getting their phone taken up in class is by creating a playlist before class.

According to a study in 2007, researchers from the company Neuron found that classical music can help your brain absorb information. They found evidence that suggests music can help the brain train itself to pay better attention. If a student is trying to learn something new, they can try listening to classical music to try and make the process easier for them.

The songs that will help students the most when studying are the songs without lyrics. Music with lyrics can be distracting to some students, so if those students still want to listen to music while studying they can try listening to instrumental music.

A way to bring music into the classroom is if teachers encourage students to listen to music while they work. If the teacher has a no-phone policy they can play instrumental music for the class while the students are working.

2007 experiment

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