2019-2020 Staff

Cecilia Clark

Co-Editor in Chief

Hi! My name is Cecilia but I usually just go by CC, I'm a senior. I don't eat meat and I sleep a lot. I have a lot of shoes and work all the time. My favorite things to do are overthink and bullet journal. Also, I have a bit of...

Mariah Hanna

Co-Editor in Chief

Hello! My name is Mariah. I'm a junior this year. I play piano and have two wonderful dogs, Rico and Lyza. I was born in Portland, Oregon, but now live in Fort Worth, Texas. I try my best to make good grades because I want to...

Tori Patton

Team Editor

Hi, I'm Tori Patton and I'm currently a junior here at Azle High School. If you catch me in the halls you will probably see me with earbuds in, jamming to some alternative rock. I lead praise and worship at my church, The Word...

Aaliyah Pena

Team Editor

Hi! My name is Aaliyah Peña. I am a senior at Azle High School. Alongside newspaper, I am in PALs and the Creative Writing club. Outside of school, I go home to my two cats Ozzy and Odie, you will usually find me sleeping or...

Macie Crawford

Photography Editor

Hi, my name is Macie Crawford. I like junk and stuff and long walks on the beach. I am a senior at Azle and have been apart of the newspaper for three years now and I love it. My hobbies entail painting, bracelet making, reading,...

Logan Creech

Photography Editor

I am Logan Creech, but my friends call me Lagoon. I like cats and socks with cartoon animals on them. I have dyed my hair 8 times and haven’t had my natural hair color for 5 years. I am a Junior at Azle High School and play...

Grace Walsh

Sports Editor

My name is Grace Walsh and I am a sophomore. I love to make new friends and hang out with my friends. My favorite thing to do on Fridays is definitely going to the football games and be in the student section. My favorite animal...

Hailey Burkett

Publicity/Advertising, Team Editor

Hi! My name is Hailey Burkett I love romcoms, bunnies, and tastfully misspelled words. Last year for Halloween I was emo Santa and I make a mean cupcake. I love my youth group with all my heart, they make Wednesday’s the perfect...

Zoe Barber

Photography Team; Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Zoe; my dog looks like a fat tater tot. I'm a part of theater and I really like Brockhampton. I have a passion for writing even though I'm not that great.

Cynthia Garcia


My name is Cynthia Garcia. I am a Sophomore at Azle High School. My favorite hobby is crafting. I march flute for the Marching Green Pride. I enjoy hanging out with all my friends. My favorite colors are teal and red.  My favorite...

Kenny Caswell


My name is Kenneth Lee Caswell III, My friends call me Kenny, Ken, really anything. I'm a sophomore and currently 15 . I like Self-help books, absurd amounts of sleep, and doggos. I'm a big fan of Classic rock & pop, my favorite...

Neil Corbett

Faculty Sponsor

Mr. Corbett is the Journalism and Newspaper Adviser at Azle High School. He also teaches English and Creative Writing. He graduated from McMurry University with a BA in English and Writing in 2008, and he could not be more thrilled...

Cameron Mauerhan

Staff Writer

I am an 18-year-old who lives in Azle, Texas. Yes, I have long hair I know. I have a cat who weighs 23 pounds and has diabetes, he is a cutie and his name is Marty. My favorite subject is science and my favorite science is biology....

Natalie Barnes

photography team and social media/ advertising

I'm a sophomore and this is my first year of being on the newspaper staff. I love music and I'm always going to concerts. My favorite things ever include the band 5 Seconds Of Summer, koalas, and tacos. I also enjoy going to horror...

Madisyn Hurst

photography team and layout design editor

My name is Madisyn Hurst and I am currently a junior at Azle high school. I like to read and I work a lot. I love all animals but mostly dogs, especially my dog Zeke. I like most food but if i go out to a Mexican restraint I will...


Staff Writer

A writer of poems and stories. intern of the newspaper. Currently watching Netflix but I'll move on to Hulu soon enough. I enjoy writing but never have the motivation to do so.