Two people are holding hands with LGBTQ+ pride flags seen behind them.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Emporess Whitfield, Photography Editor
November 16, 2020
Chairs in the band hall placed 6 feet apart for students.

Marching Six Feet Apart

Danay Cortez, Staff Writer
October 26, 2020
Sophmore Danay Cortez participates in online school as she was sent home to quarantine.

Students Being Sent Home to Quarantine

Emporess Whitfield, Photography Editor
October 23, 2020
Cross country at the forte jr. high meet.

COVID-19’s Impact on Cross Country

Erika Clayton, Sports Editor
October 22, 2020
Math teacher Rachel Bevan working with virtual and in-person students simultaneously.

How teachers are coping with teaching in-person/virtual simultaneously

Angel Brown, Social Media Editor; Staff Writer
October 21, 2020
Tori Patton studying in the library.

To Test or Not to Test

Maryann Matt, Staff Writer
October 16, 2020
Baseball Blessing Boxes

Baseball Blessing Boxes

Steven George, Advertising Editor
October 6, 2020
A photo of one of the lunches.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions: Lunch

Grace Walsh and Angel Brown, Staff Writer and Intern
October 5, 2020
2 year old Addison Pardue trick or treating.

A COVID-19 Halloween

Arianna Pardue, Photography Editor
October 5, 2020
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