The Next Step: College Alternatives

Senior Jacob Johnson with his acceptance to the Army University.
Senior Jacob Johnson with his acceptance to the Army University.
Madelyn Tucker

After high school, most people’s next step is to attend the college of their choice to further their education. That is a good option but college life isn’t what everyone wants, or even needs. Many alternatives still prepare students to be successful in their careers while also following the education path they want.

Some great options that many students consider after high school are trade schools or community colleges. Both are great options after high school and help narrow down exactly what they want to do and achieve the occupation to get a degree in less time. These schools help students save money for a good education.

Another option students choose is a gap year. Gap years help students figure out what they want to do and help collect themselves after their high school years. A gap year can be very beneficial while keeping motivation. During this time you can figure out what you want to do if you are still unsure after high school. Working small jobs and traveling are ways you can take time to yourself to figure things out. It can help you gain experiences and be more prepared for the education option you choose.

Instead of college, another alternative is the military. Going into military service can help students with discipline and education as well. The military can also help prospective recruits graduate faster from college. You will also have more access to programs to try.

Internships are also a great option. Students get internships to help gain more experience in the field they want. It helps them learn the process of a job in a short amount of time. This is very great for deciding a job.

After high school, college doesn’t always have to be the answer. Alternatives like these can help you achieve your goals in your education while at the pace you need.

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