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All about TAFE and the recent Area 10 Conference
Junior Dani Huddlestons Food Choices board for the Area 10 TAFE conference.
Junior Dani Huddleston’s Food Choices board for the Area 10 TAFE conference.
Dani Huddleston

TAFE, otherwise known as the Texas Association of Future Educators, is an organization that was established to help students who want to explore the various parts of the teaching field. Students also use TAFE as a way to help build and instill new skills into themselves along with meeting new people who have similar interests.

“I joined TAFE because of the team bonding and public speaking skills I could build,” junior Paula Simpson said.

On Nov. 4, Azle TAFE members, along with various other schools within Area 10, went to Tarleton State University to compete against one another in the Area Conference.

The conference is a large event that consists of students participating in different competitions where they split into different groups depending on the contest and carry out possible procedures that an educator faces, ranging from lesson planning to ethical dilemmas. Students also intermingle with each other to learn from the others through their projects and speeches.

“[The Conference] was a very fun experience,” junior Dani Huddleston said. ”We got to do break-out sessions and meet new people.”

With the range of skills that are needed in the education field, students will replicate the necessary expertise that will be used in the competitions to gain some practice and create an idea of the real-life abilities used within the field.

“I joined TAFE because it’s what I’m looking to go into as I’m hoping to be a teacher,” Huddleston said. “TAFE would help me be able to prepare for lessons.”

Considering the array of topics and competitions given, many students were able to increase their knowledge about various aspects within and outside of the field.

“My project was on ethical dilemma,” Simpson said. “I did it with my teammate Kaylyn [Sellers] where we gave a 6-minute speech on how someone should proceed when there are problems between a student and the teacher.”

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