The Sting Focuses on Mental Health: Putting YOU First

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Tori Patton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Last year was different in many ways, but through the trials and tribulations in 2020, it also impacted mental health stability through many. 

Personally, I feel like I’ve been living the same day over and over again. Waking up at 8 on the dot then eating the same breakfast to login to the same 8 classes every day. 

Every day has felt more and more dreadful and some of the best classes are feeling like chores. If you’ve felt the same way in any form or shape, here are a few tips and tricks to add some flavor to your everyday life while also sparking up some motivation. 

  • Try getting out of bed and making it 

I know it seems small, but some days it feels like you just want to be a couch pillow. Starting off the day around 7:30 or 8 with getting at least 8 hours of sleep is the way to go. Even making your bed every morning makes a huge difference in your productivity for the day. You’ve been fasting for about 8 hours because you were sleeping. Drink some water right when you wake up to kick start your day. Then move to a cup of coffee for that caffeine high. 

  • Enjoy the small things

This is quite literally small, but it will help at looking at things from a different perspective. Over time, we stop smiling when we see our dogs, listen to Christmas music during the holiday season and get excited when the leaves fall off the trees and turn colors. Remember when we were younger and we got that puppy we always wanted for Christmas or would rake up the leaves and jump into the pile? Cherish the small things that you take for granted because those always matter the most.

  • Get back into things 

I used to love doing my makeup for fun and working out all of the time. Over time, I stopped because I lost motivation. You can probably relate in the same way with something in your life no matter how small or big it was. Maybe you were into music or playing video games, etc. Try to get back into it to see if it will still bring you the joy that it did because I promise there’s no harm in trying. 

These things are easier said than done and I’m probably preaching to the choir with these points. It’s hard bringing yourself to do things when you’re mentally exhausted. Some days it feels hard to get out of bed. But do things at your pace; if you want to wake up at 8 AM and go for a run, DO IT. If you want to eat ice cream for breakfast, DO IT. Do what makes you happy but please never feel like you’re alone. It can be a comfort shutting out the world because you’re stuck in a depressive state, but I promise people love and care about you.