Opposing Viewpoints: Is Graduating High School Early Worth It?


Reese Hughes

Senior Gracie Lowe will graduate this year which would have been her junior year had she not taken an accelerated path.

For Early Graduation – By Peytie Chambers

The majority of students complete all four years of high school as it is seen as the “recommended” amount of time to receive the knowledge. The years of schooling are aimed to prepare a student for life after high school. However, not all students learn the same subjects at the same rate. Graduating high school early can allow students to reach higher education in order to meet a specific goal like starting a career or schooling sooner and giving students a head start on understanding the world around their future after high school.

Maybe one student can easily understand senior math as a sophomore, why should a person be hindered by staying in their grade level? Advanced classes can be argued to reach a higher level of education. However, in some cases, college classes that are offered can be crammed into fitting a high school curriculum, taking away from the real goal of helping students learn. In addition, it makes more sense for a student to get college learning from a college environment. Graduating early can allow one to further their education faster than someone who stays in high school all four years. If a student’s goal is to begin their career journey early, graduating high school early would be beneficial as it eliminates the stress of having to balance school work and working.

After high school, the real world becomes very apparent. Many high school students are surrounded by the town where their school is located, which can create a bubble. Some cities or towns provide a completely different world due to different population sizes, cultures, and resources, but students that are trapped in this bubble will only know the real world once high school is over. Depending on the student, they will either feel ready or unprepared after graduation from senior year. Not everyone wants to stay in their hometown their whole life. If a student wants to get a jumpstart on their future, they should consult their counselor to find out more information about graduating early, including requirements and an expected graduation plan.

Against Early Graduation by Reese Hughes

Finishing all four years of high school is essential for a successful future. High school provides a unique opportunity for students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in life. The years spent in high school are filled with countless opportunities to learn, grow and discover new talents. By completing all four years of high school, students are better prepared for the challenges of adulthood.

Senior year is the last year a student is considered a minor or child. Finishing the fourth year of high school is crucial to their development, as students are pushed into the real world and have high expectations to maintain as an adult.

High school provides a wealth of knowledge and skills for success in life. Such as time management, critical thinking and communication skills. All of which are valuable in any career or profession, and success in college.

High school also allows students to develop their interests and talents. Whether it is through sports, music, drama or other extracurricular activities, high school students have the chance to explore their passions and develop their skills. These activities can also help students build relationships with peers and mentors, which can be valuable throughout life.

High school is an important time of growth and development for students. The years spent in high school are filled with challenges and opportunities, and students learn to navigate these experiences with the support of their peers and teachers. By completing all four years of high school, students are better prepared for the challenges of adulthood and are more likely to succeed in their personal and professional lives.