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How to Find Your Perfect College
The church at Northwest University, in Kirkland, Washington
The church at Northwest University, in Kirkland, Washington
Daytona Gravlin

When looking for the ideal college to attend, think to yourself: “Do I want to be like the people living on campus?” Most people decide where to go based on their family, the activities a certain school has to offer or some even take a test online to see which college would fit them. It’s not easy to find that I-know-I-belong-here feeling when searching for the perfect college.

As 2024 approaches, high school seniors start to panic trying to decide which campus they want to attend. One major factor that might play into finding that college for you, is distance from your family. You likely either want to stay close by or move across the country to avoid them. Some students stay home the first year and go to a community college to save money.

People also go to community college to get their required classes out of the way and join a university their junior year. However, other students who keep up their 4.0 GPA end up going to big or Ivy League colleges. Those types of students, who likely want to please their parents and find their passion on the way, end up wanting to be doctors, lawyers, business owners and even teachers.

Recently, the interest percentage rate of cosmetology has gone up in the past couple of years according to people graduating this upcoming year. Many soon-to-be college students have explored loads of different options with loads of different schools. This leads to many asking “Wait, how do I know which is the perfect fit for me?”

A month ago I decided to visit a college that is far away from my Texas home, but close to my actual family. I fell in love with the small campus, the region, the community, the classes I could take, and I wanted to be like the people who go to Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. I didn’t even know I could love that campus until I went on a visit.

You still have time to decide and weigh out your options. Write down some simple questions. Do I want to be close to my family? What kind of atmosphere do I wanna be in? Is there a certain major I am leaning towards? Do I want a big university or should I go to community college? Before making any major decisions, just take a deep breath and visit some colleges. Seniors, you’ll graduate before you know it.

Here are some quizzes to help you find the college that is for you:)

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