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The Sting’s Seniors Signing Out

Bryanna Pender

As the end of the year creeps up on seniors, it leaves a bittersweet feeling that some of The Sting’s staff writers and leadership are going away. Whether it be their third or even first year on staff, everyone on The Sting can agree that this has been one of the best years for all of us growing as a family.

Seniors Kristina Birkeland, Brooklyn Gray, Sophia Gerbers, Rylee Barrow, and Archie Robles are all first-year seniors on staff, while Preston Hennessy, Bryanna Pender, Courtney Olmos, Reese Hughes and myself are all third-year seniors.

“Newspaper and journalism has really guided me to understand that I really wanted to do law,” Sophia Gerbers said. “It helped me realize I want to major in journalism to help me further my career in law.”

One thing that Sophia has learned in Newspaper is that she is a strong procrastinator. However, she said it did help her to learn patience. She is going to use that to try to control her time with what she needs to get done and give herself more structure.

“Newspaper brought out that I truly do love to write,” Archie Robles said. “I definitely will carry these writing and social skills that I have learned with me through the rest of my life.”

Archie also said that she would suggest to the upcoming writers to stay on top of your work. It will help you and Mr. Corbett.

“This has been such a fun class to do, as well as it looks really good on scholarships,” Rylee Barrow said. “I had the most fun recording videos instead of stories, it was more entertaining.”

Kristina Birkeland said that being on Newspaper staff gave her a new way of communicating with people professionally and helped her make new friends along the way. She added she would have never expected to actually enjoy writing, but here she is now.

“I really look forward to coming in the mornings and getting to talk with Daytona,” she said. “We talk about anything and everything and it’s been my favorite, as well as genuine friendships that I’ve made in the newspaper.”

Brooklyn Gray said her favorite trait of Mr. Corbett is his humor and his ability to help understand his students more.

“If I’m having a bad or rough day, he understands and gives me a little leeway for that day, he’s very caring,” she said. “My social skills were lacking before I joined the newspaper. When I have the motivation, I really like getting into my story that I’m actually interested in and working with my teammates on it.”

Courtney Olmos said that the newspaper has helped her talk and be more comfortable with people she usually doesn’t usually talk to. She has branched out and made so many friends with people in Newspaper and in different organizations that she has interviewed.

“My favorite trait of Mr. Corbett is definitely his sassiness,” she said. “When we don’t get our stories done on time, his inner sass comes out and is sure to get us on track.”

Bryanna Pender said her favorite story she has written would be the teen dating violence awareness one. This was one of her bigger stories she’s done, and she feels like it impacted people who read it.

“My favorite memory was when we went to UNT and checked out the broadcasting room,” Bryanna Pender said. “It was cool checking out all the different equipment and getting to have a feel of what it would be like to have this as a job in the future.”

Preston Hennessy commented that he enjoys every friendship he’s made here. Everyone has their own personality and with that, he has a unique connection with everyone.

“I definitely made a banger with my last fate story,” he said. “I’ve done a fate story every year since I joined. Plus, I’m passionate about it and this very last one has been the best one to end on.”

Reese Hughes said if she could give one piece of advice to upcoming writers it would be: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s how you learn and grow. Also to stay on top of your work! You can’t be giving Mr. Corbett too many [more] gray hairs.”

“It’s breaking my heart to leave the newspaper because of all the special memories, friendships and writing skills that I’ve developed,” she said. “Mr. Corbett has been such an amazing teacher, helping me with anything I need and guiding me through this Co-Editor-in-Chief position. I’m very grateful to have it my last year.”

As the seniors of The Sting describe their last year to be whimsical, impactful, fun, stressful, wild, cheerful, baller, grateful and overall happy. We couldn’t have asked for a better year to end this chapter of our life. For this being my last print edition story: seniors of The Sting are signing out.

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