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Opposing Viewpoints: Are Senior Trips Worth It?

Daytona Gravlin
Snoqualmie, Washington during summertime.

The Perks of a Senior Trip by Daytona Gravlin

Before graduation, seniors can get together to go on a trip and have one last adventure before they venture out into the world. It usually happens around spring break time or the summer prior to senior year, when it is warm in most places and students are out of school. Here are some of the benefits of having a senior trip with your besties.

It would be so easy to plan. You and your friends can travel anywhere from a couple of hours away from home to flying on a plane to a different country. It’s easy to get together, since there is no school, plus you can travel to any place to get the perfect type of weather. You can plan things with your friends no matter your price range.

After all, you can always get money back but not the memories. You make the most memories in new places, trying new things, and maybe even discovering new things you thought you would never like. There are a bunch of different places you could go to such as the mountains, a beach, or the countryside. It depends on what kind of vibe you’re going for and what activities you want to do. Either way, you can find many options around you for very cheap.

A senior trip is meant to celebrate the achievements that you have made. During the last year of school, it gets very stressful, you can push back, relax and see how many amazing things you’ve accomplished over high school. Celebrate with your friends, family or even by yourself.

Senior trips are worth the memories and the money that goes into them, no matter how big or small. This is your last time to actually celebrate and go all out before you go all out in the real world.

Insolvent Senior Leisure by Preston Hennessy

Senior trips are an investment in one’s personal enjoyment. As they provide a sense of enjoyment through the cost and value of leisurely adventures after the long work of 13 to 14 years of determination and academic pursuit. Though looking more towards the future for every student is the real world, a vast, ever-changing reality that is constantly adapting, and saving the funds for a week-long vacation and instead, putting them toward the new world you’re entering is far more meaningful in the long run rather than a short term entertainment.

Thinking more on the financial side of this argument, you could keep the money for many things such as car payments, bills, buying or renting your own residence, savings, college payments, food and many other things. The cost for tuition for say Tarrant County College is around $3,400. Though a vacation to say Florida is around $1,200 a week at a minimum. Adding both up, you’ll get $4,600 total rather than saving $1,200 for other wants you desire. And by that math, 4 weeks in Florida equals almost two semesters worth of education.

Enjoying memories of friends are important, though taking into account the probability of the fact you might not see those friends again after high school. Take the idea of would one week be just as important to you as your entire future.

Senior trips are a risk, and with risks are losses. The chance of loss and gain are at a balance. Not taking a risk means you can’t lose nor win yet you could put that money to your future which will always be a win. Your trip isn’t set in stone to be good but the rest of your life will be. Take the potential investment to a senior trip and put it to your future and invest into yourself not a fleeting memory.

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Daytona Gravlin
Daytona Gravlin, Team Editor
Hi, I'm Daytona:) I'm a senior and a senior lieutenant for the Emerald Dazzlers.I work at Dutch Bros and I have an addiction to Chipotle. Doing it all for the glory of God.
Preston Hennessy
Preston Hennessy, Advertising Editor
I'm a member of the newspaper. I like modern poets like Jermaine Lamarr Cole as well as Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. "Call Me Ishmael."

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