Rainy Days

Maryann Matt and Tori Patton, Interns

The weather in Azle has been erratic these past few weeks, due to changes in pressure in the atmosphere from Hurricane Florence and excess moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

  The weather has affected all the extracurricular activities that take place outside, including football, cross-country, marching band, etc.

“[The weather] makes it harder to hold onto the ball and make tackles,” JV football player Josh Murphy said.

For different activities, the rain makes it harder to accomplish what is needed to be productive in the activity.

“It looks like it’s going to rain again on Friday’s varsity game, we might not get to perform in front of our home crowd before our first contest,” Band director Aaron Martin said. “You could do $100,000 in damages in half of a game.”

The students’ safety is important to the staff of Azle High School, so they decided it was in the best interest of the band not to perform.

“The weather has influenced the extracurricular activities in a negative way,” Woodwind Captain Hunter Corder said. “Extracurricular activities like band could be better if the weather wasn’t as bad.”

The weather makes it more difficult to run and accomplish more, while also pushing the runners to do their very best.

“Whenever it’s rainy, the course gets a lot harder, but it is also super fun because of the mud pits,” JV cross country member Haley Guerrero said. “We also have to push ten times harder than we usually do.”