Surf’s Up

Alexa Guadiana, Sports Editor, Staff Writer

Crowd surfing has been at the top of my bucket list for a long time. I never thought I would actually get to do it, but anything is possible in the Hornet student section. Everyone is in a big crowd; at the bottom, they all chant and scream to motivate the football boys.


“ALEXA, ALEXA, ALEXA, ALEXA!” was being chanted by everyone around me. I had no idea how you crowd surf, so, stupidly I put my hands up and was suddenly lifted off the ground. While laughing uncontrollably, I didn’t notice I was carried about 10-15 feet. My name was still being chanted. UntiI I was dropped on my back on the seats. I excitedly jumped back up and ran down to where all my friends were to keep cheering on our team.


So many AHS students go to football games and stand in the student section. It’s such a good opportunity to make new friends; I took advantage of that and sparked a conversation with everyone around me.


The Hornets took a “W” with a 31 point lead.

Azle 34 – Wichita 3


If you want to make new friends and possibly knock something off your bucket list, come to watch a football game from the student section. You won’t regret it.