Music Speaks

Natali Coronado, Staff Writer

There’s a new club on campus for all things music, a club not only for musicians but for the everyday music lover. The Music Speaks club alternates weekly between English teacher Neil Corbett’s room and band director Brandon Day after school every Tuesday.

The Music Speaks club was founded by senior Abigail Davis and junior Alison McAllister; the club was initially going to be a ukulele club but transformed into something bigger.

“Everybody was going to bring in their ukuleles and we would play songs together,” Mr. Corbett said. “But as the ball started rolling, other people wanted in who didn’t play the ukulele; they played other instruments, and so it kind of evolved into something else entirely as more of a music appreciation club.”

The very first Music Speaks club meeting was quite small due to it being such short notice; however, everyone who attended had a great time.

“People who were there all felt like it was really positive and we all had a really good conversation,” McAllister said.

The meeting consisted of passing a guitar around and singing songs and deciding what the members of the club wanted the club to do.

“I want it to be a growing experience for all the musicians and I want there to be some way that we can communicate our thoughts and feelings through music,” Davis said.

The club plans for fun music learning and peer communicating skills for instrument and non-instrument playing students.

“One person a week might come in and teach everybody a song, like a favorite song of theirs and we’ll all play along,” Corbett said.  

The club also has plans for the members not only to share their music experiences with their peers in the club but outside Music Speaks as well.

“Java Express (coffee shop) does an open mic night and we might try and do some kind of night where it’s just the Music Speaks students,” Corbett said.

Music Speaks is opened to anyone who has a love for music; it is not required for people to play an instrument or sing, loving music is the only requirement.

“We just get a whole bunch of people who just love all types of music together and just have them bond and share their experiences,” McAllister said. “A place for people to be comfortable, to express themselves through music in any way that they want to.”