Swimming to Victory

Maryann Matt, Staff Writer

The Azle Swim team has high hopes for this year with sights set to break school records and do well at their upcoming meets. With many new faces, they have more talent and hardworking people than the swim team has seen in the past few years.

“We’ve got about three or four school records that should be broken this year,” Coach Steven Griffin said. Many members of the team are working towards the goal of breaking school records through rigorous conditioning and hard work the team is putting in.

“I want to break the 100-meter Butterfly school record, 100-meter freestyle and re-break the 50,” senior and co-captain Taylor Bresnahan said. The members are looking forward to this year and are going to achieve higher standards for themselves and the future of the swim team. “There’s a lot of new faces and freshman, if they get better at swimming then we’ll be a really good team,” sophomore Griffin Schroeder said.

There is a lot of ambition from the team members to do well this year and to accomplish more than what they have done in the past. “Don’t expect swim to be easy at all. Especially in the beginning when you come to school after practice, and you can’t climb the stairs because you’re so sore,” sophomore McKenna Watson said.

Swim members go through a lot of training and conditioning. The members still do not regret joining, but urge people not to go in with an “it’s just swimming” attitude. They work toward getting better times, getting in shape, and putting their best in the pool.

“We have a swim meet on October 6th, so come out and support us!” Watson said.