Tiny Dancers

Natali Coronado, Staff Writer

This year’s homecoming pre-game and 1st quarter consisted of wonderful chants, dance moves, and spirit by mini cheerleaders and Dazzlers from all over Azle. For years, it has been a tradition for little girls ages four to 14 to accompany the cheerleaders or Dazzlers during the homecoming game.

The tiny dancers learn all sorts of basics for cheering and dancing during their mini-clinic or camp, which are usually a week before their performance.

“They’re so cute, I really love watching them and it’s really cool how they want to be like us so much, I love it,” Emerald Dazzler Captain Kelsi Bernsen said.

Not only does this benefit the girls who aim to be on one of these teams in the future, but it creates good teaching experience for team members.

“A lot of them have a lot of trouble getting all the dances and cheers but it just takes a lot of patience to teach them,” varsity cheerleader Grace Harten said.

Although it was their first time performing, all the young girls had fun and hope to perform during football games once they get to high school.

“I was really nervous, but I hope that goes away once I get to be a dazzler in high school,” mini dazzler Lilie Russell said.

Many parents were incredibly proud of their youngsters and can’t wait to sign them up for years and years.

“She just looks so happy when dancing how can I not keep bringing her,” mother Diane Russell said. “It makes me, as a mother I’m so grateful to just be able to drop my daughter off and know she’ll have a good time.”