Lightning Delay Again?

Kaylee Pippins, Editor-in-Chief

Last Friday’s football game against the South Hills Scorpions marks the fourth consecutive game with a weather delay. Despite the tremendous amount of rain and lightning this football season, the Azle Hornets have been on a successful winning streak. The Sept. 20 game was characterized by many great defensive plays, as well as strong offensive moments.

To start, the Hornets recovered the ball on the 45-yd line after the Scorpions fumbled during the first quarter. Leading 7-0, WR CJ Van Slyke completed a 42-yd pass from QB Drey Owen and rushed to the Hornet 13-yd line before being tackled by the South Hills defense.

“I was expecting to win against South Hills,” senior Payton Vaughn said. “I try to go into every game with the confidence that my team is better than the other.”

Early in the second quarter, WR Billy Copeland caught the ball before rushing 23-yds for a Hornet touchdown.

Senior Bradley Crawford delivered the play of the night, in Vaughn’s opinion.

“On one of our defensive drives, the South Hills running back broke loose and looked like he was going to score before Bradley came out of nowhere and brought him down on the 3-yd line,” Vaughn said. “This allowed our defense to prevent them from scoring and led to a 96-yd drive for a touchdown by our offense.”

According to Vaughn, the 2018-19 Hornet football team owes its success to hard work and determination.

“This season we’ve been more focused, worked harder, and care about one another,” Vaughn said. “We had an amazing off-season that prepared us for this season. Along with that, this team has such as a strong bond and brotherhood that reflects on the field.”

While the Hornets are on an impressive winning streak, Vaughn chooses not to concentrate on the next game, but rather continue to work hard in practice.“I don’t like to focus too far ahead in the future so the only thing I can predict right now is that we are going to practice hard and be ready for our next game,” Vaughn said.