Cross Country District

Raquel Juarez, Staff Writer

District is coming close and it’s coming fast. The season is coming to a close and that means time to go to the big races. 

This year’s girls’ Cross Country District meet will be held at the Performance Ranch on Friday, Oct. 12. They are excited and ready to qualify for regional’s and then go to Lubbock. There is going to be a lot of different schools and there is going to be competition.

“This is a big deal and we all excited but sad because the season is ending but excited for the competition,” Bailee Johnson said.

This year is a new year meaning new district, new schools, new competitors. Every year new runners come to join and old competitors leave, and this year is going to be exciting. According to sources, the Boswell Pioneers and Granbury Pirates are our biggest competitors and we are going to dominate them.  

“I’m excited for district and I know that our varsity are going to win district and go to regionals,” Ellison Crane said.

Only Varsity can make it to regionals, so JV is going to give all their support and hope they make it. Cross Country Varsity runners have to be in the top ten runners or your team has to get 3rd place or higher to qualify. These girls have prepped and prepared for these times and know what they have to do to win. Azle Hornets Cross Country have worked very hard and their coaches have trained them well, no matter what school they go against, no matter how good their record is, they can defeat anyone when they step on the track.

“Champions train endure the pain and never complain and I feel a little nervous, but I know my coaches have prepared me to do my best,” Jacee Dinkins said.