Best of the Best

Mariah Hanna, Opinion Editor

Every six weeks, a group of eight students and a teacher get selected to be the students and teacher of the six weeks.

To be selected, students must be nominated and then chosen by the assistant principals.

“We send an email to our teachers, and then they will send us nominations,” Secretary Kimberly Roberts said. “That’s then compiled and then there’s a committee of the APs and they select from that.”

Any students could be a student of the six weeks. But even then, it feels great to be chosen.

“It feels honoring and I was surprised,” freshman Haylee Allphin said. “I don’t win awards and stuff, but I feel like it’s made me work harder to show everybody else that you can be a student of the six weeks.”

The students selected all have their ideas as to why they were picked by their teachers.

“I stay out of trouble and I’m usually here every single day,” freshman Holt Lee said. “I’m also really picky about my grades, I try to keep my average about 98 or above.”

Along with students being chosen, a teacher is chosen as the teacher of the six weeks. This six weeks, it was English teacher Sarah Milosh.

“I would hope that [being selected] was because I love my job and I love students and I try to do as much as I can for them,” Mrs. Milosh said.

Being called the teacher of the six weeks is honoring because there are so many teachers that can be selected.

“I think it’s pretty awesome and I’m super excited,” Mrs. Milosh said. “I think it’s an honor, especially looking at the other teachers of the six weeks, I’m definitely proud to be in their company.”