Hornet Basketball

Raquel Juarez

The Azle Lady Hornet Basketball season has been going well. It’s not what the players and coaches would like, but they are working hard in practice and doing whatever it takes to get to where they need to be.

“We are working really hard in practice and motivating each other to be the best we can be,” sophomore guard Faith Firman said.

The teams have been working hard on and off the court to prepare themselves for their opponents. On Tuesday, Nov.27, Azle Lady Hornets played against the Weatherford Roos at Azle High School’s competition gym.

Varsity was an intense game, every quarter they were tied and it all came down to the fourth quarter. It was anybody’s ball game—who wanted it more? The players did an outstanding job with steals and layups which helped them a lot. Unfortunately, they ended up with a score of 30-34.

“We played well; just didn’t get a win, but it’s okay,” sophomore post Kylie Freeman said.

Junior Varsity played against Weatherford Roos as well. They played hard throughout the game and had a couple simple mistakes but made them up with jump shots, free throws, and steals. This team was so close to winning the game but fell short with a score of 30-37.

“The simple mistakes are what really got us but we can bounce back from this and win our upcoming game on Monday,” sophomore guard Celsea Colley said.

Freshmen played second against Weatherford and were ahead throughout all four quarters. They played smart, but they were tired and that’s what cost them the game. Freshmen ended the game only losing by three points. 

“We played with hard work, effort and put all we had on the court,” freshman post Haylee Alphin said.