How to get into the Christmas Spirit


Tori Patton, Staff writer


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, you guessed it, it’s Christmas season! Get ready for the Christmas decorations up until the new year and Christmas music playing all over the radio. It may seem that the music and the tree are enough but you can become more into the Christmas spirit by doing or participating in all of the following.

  • Go ice skating with your friends

If you know you cannot skate, you should at least try. Just go out there with enthusiasm and try your best. If you do make a total fool of yourself and collapse on the ice. At least, your friends will be there laughing at you and with you.

  • Make Christmas cookies

Even if you don’t want to feel like going all out for Christmas, you could at least make cookies because I mean, they’re cookies. At Walmart, Pillsbury makes premade cookie dough and they are delicious and super easy to make. All you have to do is lay them out onto a cookie sheet, turn on the oven and let those things bake!

  • Wear festive fuzzy socks

These are cheap and super comfortable, how could you say no? It’s a super easy way to feel cheery and comfortable. At Walmart, they sell these fuzzy socks for cheap and they are infused with aloe. The socks can have candy canes and even Christmas lights on them. You could wear these on Christmas morning to pair with your pajamas, while opening presents.

  • Listen to some festive music

This has to be hands down the easiest way to get in the spirit. All you have to do is turn on the radio. There are a good amount of radio stations that put on Christmas music during the season. FM 102.1 plays modern and new Christmas music, FM 94.9 plays Christian Christmas music and also throws in other Christmas music. FM 98.7 also plays Christmas music, consisting of the classic “Carol of the Bells” and the iconic “All I Want for Christmas is You.” These stations have a variety of classics and newbie songs to make you feel festive and in the Christmas essence.

  • Decorate your house

Get festive by decorating your house in the Christmas colors. Decorate your house by putting up a tree and hanging lights outside your house. It could even put you in a better mood. A study shows that putting up decorations for the holidays makes you an overall happier person. At Hobby Lobby, they sell decorations for pretty good prices. They have a variety of decorations to fit everyone’s taste.  

Christmas season is a time to spend with your family and also stuffing your face with too much food. Overall, it is super easy to get into the Christmas spirit without going totally overboard.