Make the Most of Your Winter Break

Maryann Matt, Staff writer

With winter break right around the corner, many of us are wishing to not waste it lounging around, watching Netflix, and eating junk food. To prevent yourself from sitting there doing nothing and wasting yet another two-and-a-half weeks of your life, here are some key elements to making the most out of your break.

Set your priorities and establish an outline of what you want to do for your break. Setting priorities makes it easier to plan out what you want to do. You can pick places you want to go, friends or family you want to hang out with, and homework you were assigned that you never got around to. This element is a good beginning to planning things out in your mind to make sure you have an awesome break.

Setting goals, whether it be for school or other activities, will help you get your priorities straight and not spend your break wasting time over stress. Accomplishing your goals toward the beginning will prevent you from wasting the last week of your break when you could be spending your time with your favorite people. To make sure your break is awesome, setting goals and establishing your priorities will ensure your break is everything you want it to be.

Planning your days out to fit what you need or want to do is essential. Most of the time when it gets to the day when you want to do something, you make excuses not to; it forces you to honor your word and actually have fun with your friends and family. This can prevent you from just sitting there and regretting your break at the end of it.

Following these guidelines will ensure your break is great. Making your break great will create lasting memories for years to come.