Bright Future for the Jazz Band

Maryann Matt, Staff Writer

The Chamber of Commerce had their monthly luncheon on Tuesday, Dec. 4. The meeting was to draw the raffle for prizes donated by members of the Chamber of Commerce and to support Azle High School.

“We were asked by the Chamber of Commerce to come and perform for their luncheon they do every month to socialize, and it’s an opportunity for them to build a community,” band director Aaron Martin said.

The luncheon serves to gather around different businesses and to create friendships among the business owners in support of organizations around Azle and the schools. The Azle Jazz Orchestra was representative of Azle High School and the band organization at the luncheon.

“I picked the pieces because I looked at the strengths of our group and I wanted to feature some of those strengths,” Martin said. “I also wanted it to be audience-friendly, pieces people would enjoy.”

Martin saw this as an opportunity to showcase the talents of the ensemble and show the program to the community. He also played pieces that people knew, such as “In The Mood,” to give the audience something they could recognize. Martin utilized vocal charts to show off sophomore Alex Heath and senior Tori McNanamy.

“In May, we have been asked to perform for the Concert in the Park series,” Martin said. “We also have a night of jazz with our junior high jazz bands and high school jazz band and a dinner.”

He plans to continue making plans to spread the word about our jazz bands not only in our school but also in the community. By planning events and getting out in the community, this works to showcase the talents in the jazz band.  

“We have our Christmas concert coming up,” Martin said. “After that, in February, we are going to play at the capital for the State Board of Educators. We were fortunate Mr. Cobb secured us a spot to go there.”