Preparing for the Future

Kaylee Pippins, Editor in Chief

Freshmen teen leadership classes have been participating in “job” interviews with people in the community to learn the “in and outs” of the professional world. Several influential people in the community come to interview students each year and, according to Teen Leadership teacher Tenille Williams, love to help the students feel prepared for the future.

The mock interviews are an important section of the teen leadership because they allow students to experience an interview situation before actually being in one. The experience allows students to familiarize themselves with the interview language and etiquette which is crucial in securing a job.

“The mock interviews are important because the students can experience the interview process so that they feel prepared for the future,” Williams said.

Freshmen students in teen leadership are required to fill out a job application, complete a resume and are urged to dress nicely for the interview.

“I reviewed the questions and came up with the best answers and then recited them to myself,” freshman Zach Harris said.

Several community members volunteer to give the mock interviews including Superintendent Tanya Anderson, Carl Russell, Dr. Murr, Natasha Houston, Suzie Hiles, Rick Pippins, Monica Miller, Claudia Roberts, Kathy Hufstedler, Glenda Newby, and Principal Cobb.

“The Azle community really supports and wants to see students succeed and wants to be a part of that success,” Williams said.

The majority of the freshmen students who participated in the mock interviews believe that it helped them prepare for a real interview in the future.

“The interviews help us get a feel for the world and I do feel prepared for the future,” Harris said.