Get Up and Work! It’s Competition Season!


Mariah Hanna, Editorial/Opinion editor

Indoor Winds and Drumline are getting ready for competitions starting in February.

The groups only have one month to get everything done and prepared. Since they have a month left, Indoor Winds and Drumline have their themes all planned out.

“We’re [Indoor Winds] doing a show called Volta’ire,” Indoor Winds director Brandon Day said. “It’s about finding yourself and pushing boundaries.”

Indoor is taking a modern approach to their theme and drumline is taking a literal approach.

“We’re doing a show called Birds of Prey, it’s a spin-off of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ and Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds,’” Drumline director Jack Baker said. “It’s kind of being able to morph concepts of birds all together into one.”

To be able to put together a whole show, practices are rigorous and tough, but necessary to get everything perfect.

“We practice every Monday, Thursday, and sometimes even on scheduled Saturdays,” sophomore Alex Health said. “They work us past every limit we have, and then I go home most nights worn out and sore from rehearsal.”

Last year, Indoor was in Open Class and won their competition, and Drumline was in World class. This year both are in World class, which is the highest class in the competitions.

“It’s one of those things where they have to be the best they can possibly be; we’re not going just to hang out, we’re going to go and try to beat the best that there are out there,” Day said. “Our goal is to just do the best we can and be even better than last year.”

Everyone in both groups has a similar opinion of their chances for this year.

“We’ve had a lot of practices and we just keep on building up from year to year and increasing our chances every year,” senior Tatum Sapp said.

Everyone is excited about this year’s competitions and Baker is most excited about the possibilities.

“It’s a very young drum line, but I think they are definitely pushing the limits on things,” Baker said. “What I think is cool about them is, since they’re so young, they don’t really know how far they can go, so there are no limits.”