We Won’t Miss You 2018


Tori Patton

Morphe X James Charles Artistry Eye shadow Palette

Tori Patton, Staff Writer

2018 was indeed a year for the books, whether you had a terrible year or one of the best years of your life.  From new trends to more and more throwback trends, there was an incredible amount of things that happened in 2018. Here are some major things that happened last year.

  • Thrifting

Last year, the 70s, 80s and 90s fashion trends became very popular. Thrifting is an easy and fun way to get some vintage steals. Thrifting is cheap and you can also express yourself through a huge variety of clothes. Vintage or modern, this trend was one of the better things of 2018.

  • The Tide Pod challenge

Around the beginning of 2018, this challenge was very popular. You could find Tide Pods all over trending and explore pages, referred to as the “forbidden snack.” Some people were curious enough to try this challenge, even a few people died from it. I know what you’re thinking, “why would people even want to eat a Tide Pod?” Maybe it was the Illuminati or some new cult wanting to test teens’ common sense. The world may never know, it’s a whole conspiracy.

  • Fortnite

Though it came out in 2017, last year this game became a huge sensation all around the world. From six-year-olds to 60-year-olds, everyone was playing and enjoying this game. The game mode Battle Royale [where every player fends for him/herself against 99 other players] became more and more popular all throughout the year. Also, in Battle Royale you can squad up with your friends and battle it out with other squads. People spend hundreds maybe even thousands, on all of the extras such as: Battle passes, new skins, gliders, pickaxes and dances. Fortnite will for sure be popular for years to come.  

  • Tik Tok

From being called Musical.ly to what is now, Tik Tok, this app has always been popular but shamed upon and made fun of by most teens. In this app, you record yourself lip syncing to any song, while doing hand movements and dancing. Now you can even show off your acting skills with this app, by picking the audio from any movie or tv show. Act out the audio as if you’re on the movie or TV show, then boom you already stole Hollywood’s brand.

  • Morphe X James Charles Artistry eyeshadow palette

Internet sensation James Charles has been a social media influencer since 2016. From being the first male Covergirl to about 12 million subscribers on youtube, he is now known all around the world. James Charles released his eyeshadow palette November 13, 2018, and people went crazy. It consists of 39 bold and pigmented shades, from nudes to bright colors. Want a nude, natural makeup look? You got it. Want a bright and colorful look, you also got it. The 39A artistry palette will help you achieve any makeup look your heart desires. As James Charles says, “Unleash your inner artist.”

  • AirPods

AirPods became a huge highlight of 2018, even though they were introduced to the public around December of 2016. You would think, “Hey they’re just like every other wireless headphone, no biggie.” But everyone everywhere owns a pair of the iconic Apple AirPods. They come in a magnetic case to prevent individual headphone loss. Charge the case with the headphones placed inside and there you have it, your fully charged wireless headphones. Also, don’t be alarmed when AirPod users call you broke for using your wired headphones. They may say “I smell broke in here,” or any other saying to show that they are wealthy because of their AirPods.

             AirPods or no AirPods, 2018 was terrible in all of its ways but there was also a good amount of OK things that happened. Some trends great and some trends bad, last year was a year that no one will forget. May your 2019 be ever in your favor, with love and enjoyment.