The Perfect Senior Pictures

Story by Alexa Guadiana and Natalie Coronado

Alexa Guadiana and Natali Coronado

Senior pictures are photographs that will stick with you forever. You have to make the best of them, your grandkids will probably even see these pictures.

It’s all about the smile

Practice your smile! Be confident. You can go with a soft smile or eager toothy grin. Whitening strips can really make that smile pop! I would definitely suggest it.


Google some poses, use a pose that will portray your personality. Your senior picture is going into the yearbook, you want people to remember your personality as well as your good looks.

Tilting your head is a very small adjustment that might make a picture ten times better. It all depends on what suits you the most. Practice in front of your mirror or have a friend take a couple of practice pictures.

Making it Perfect

I would suggest a makeup look that accentuates your natural beauty. It’s all really on your preference. Remember to drink lots of water, it will help you look hydrated. Dewy skin is always a plus.

Senior pictures should be a blast. Show off your personality in those pictures and have fun.


Student Photographers

In the small town of Azle photographers are a big deal, they capture the best of Azle’s best features. Azle photographers range from family, nature, and sports photography. Here are some aspiring student photographers that are willing to take your senior pictures.

Alexa Guadiana

Alexa is a sweet and talented girl who has plenty of experience with taking pictures and has been doing it two years now. She’s inspired by nature and began her picture taking career by recreating Instagram pictures and later sprouted her career when she got a camera when she joined the yearbook staff.

Maricella Sandoval

Maricella might be new to the photography game but her pictures show otherwise, her focus is capturing nature but she is ready to take your senior pictures. She received a camera from her grandparents on Christmas back in 2016 and Check her pictures out on her Instagram @mxricellaphotography

Alexis Allen

Alexis is another experienced photographer, who takes unbelievable pictures and has taken plenty of senior pictures so she really knows what she’s doing when it comes to taking senior pictures. Check her pictures out via Instagram @xalies

Samantha Weiss

Samantha is another experienced photographer, she captures a lot of the Azle community at football games. Her pictures usually consist of nature, portraits, sports, and even dogs. Check her pictures out via Instagram @samanthawphotos

Abigail Davis

Abigail started her picture taking career at a young age because her mom is a photographer and would use her mom’s equipment. Abigail loves taking pictures of people, saying she likes to capture people’s personality in her pictures. Check her pictures out via Instagram @photos_by_abbyd

Dea Mitaj

Dea is no ordinary Azle photographer, she’s originally from Albania and has been doing photography for four years now. Dea got her start by a taking a photography class and that’s where she realized it could be more than just a hobby. While she doesn’t have a curtain she loves taking portraits and would be perfect to take your senior pictures. Check her pictures out via Instagram @deamitajphotography