Azle Lady Hornets beat an undefeated team

Raquel Juarez, Staff Writer


The Azle Lady Hornets played against the Brewer Bears at Brewer High School on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Junior varsity played the most intense game they played this year.

It all started with their daily warm-ups to get them excited and ready for the game. As soon as the ref called the whistle they knew this game they were going to win no matter what and were giving all they got. Jump ball started and it was Brewer’s ball, the first quarter defense was incredible. They kept them from driving in the paint and the help they had from their teammates was amazing. They tied the first quarter of 12-12

“We all made all our free throws And rebounded the best we did all season I think it’s amazing we beat the undefeated team in our district especially at there house,” sophomore Jacee Dinkins.

It was the second quarter and they knew it was going to be tough but pull out a win. The layups and the shot fake and drive helped a lot to put points on the board. The offensive and defensive rebounding was impeccable. The Lady Hornets blocked out like no other. They ended half time with a score of 22-22. We were tied once again.

“That was the moment our team decided to give it our all and never give up, We worked our hardest and we realized the potential we’ve been holding back,” sophomore Kalli Talmage said.

The third quarter was a big one. It determined who wins the game. Coming back from half time, the Lady Hornets had a plan up their sleeves and ready to finish this game. They scored. It was so intense with the crowd cheering the coaches cheering for them and the players on the bench shouting for their teammates. They played hard and scored a lot off of layups and the free throws. They ended third quarter tie once again 32-32.

“It was a really good game, going against an undefeated team we knew it was going to be hard. We worked together and did everything we could to beat them,” Sophomore Faith Firman said 

The fourth quarter was neck and neck. Both teams screaming and hollering for their teammates and cheering them on. This game was getting everyone off their seats. Back and forth Brewer would score and Azle would score. The seven-minute quarter felt like forever. Azle JV would get a stop and a score and were ahead by one 39-38.

Sophomore Guard Sabrina Garcia went for a layup and they fouled her meaning she gets to step up to the free throw line. Garcia made the first one and the JV team went ecstatic for her. The second free throw went up and bounced out, Sophomore Raquel Juarez got the offensive rebound and went back up to score. Brewer fouled again and it was up to Juarez to close them off from scoring and to help her team win this game. The crowd was cheering and the other team was making noise to distract her but it didn’t faze her at all. She made both and the crowd went wild, teammates on the bench had so much energy and the coach was just extremely happy. It was Brewer’s ball and Azle took the steal and ran. Sophomore Jacee Dinkins went for a layup and made it. They ended the game with a score of 44-38, not only did Azle JV win this game, they beat a team that was undefeated and it made them very happy 

“The game was pretty rough, I have scratches on my hands from the girls’ nails but it was fun playing how we’re able to,” sophomore Sabrina Garcia said.