The Road to Nationals

Maryann Matt, Staff Writer

After Cheerleading had a huge win at State, they are heading to Nationals in Orlando, Florida on Feb. 7-12 at ESPN World of Sports.

“We’re practicing four days a week as we did for State, and just putting in a lot of extra work because we have two routines,” senior captain Brooke Creacy said.

Cheer is putting in a lot of hours to produce the best routines that they can and score the highest at Nationals. They are all working hard to be the best as humanly possible.

“We’re in the Large Coed category, and we compete in a band dance, fight song, and crowd leading event. Those are prelims, and in finals, we compete all three routines in three-minute routine,” senior Kaylee Pippins said.

During State, Cheer competes with other coed teams and tries to beat them out. They competed with eight other teams at State, scoring a 96.20 and securing their first place spot in finals.

“[For State] we started practicing a long time ago for four days a week, and we had some practices on the weekends for show-offs with other schools,” Creacy said.

Cheer maintained this rigorous schedule going into Nationals to solidify their routines, and get the most out of everyone on their team. They are trying to achieve perfection for everyone on their squad, and maximize their potential.

“Our goal for Nationals is to win, but if that doesn’t happen, just do the best that we can,” Pippins said.