Black History Month : featuring Serena Williams

Alexa Guadiana, Sports editor

Historian Carter G . Woodson and other prominent African Americans initiated Black history month in 1976. Woodson wanted people to look back at everything black people have done in a positive way. A month-long remembrance of black history and achievement.

Black history month’s official color is red. Red like blood, blood that unites all people that have African roots. The blood shed for freedom. Woodson wanted to promote creativity and interest in the past of black history. He believed black history should be celebrated. That Black heroic figures should be looked up to.

In honor of black history month we will be recognizing one to two people of color a week, stay tuned.  

Image result for serena williams screaming

Being a woman of color and trying to excel can be hard in society. But Serena Williams is defying the odds, 37 years-old, Williams, professional tennis player, mother and wife.

Williams has 4 Olympic medals to her name, a record 22 singles and 14 doubles titles in Grand Slam events. Williams has 23 grand slam wins,  No one in the history of women’s tennis has completed what Williams has.

 Richard Williams, Williams dad, started training his daughter at 3- years old. Since then Williams has had a passion for the sport. Williams as an excellent example of black excellence for black history month.

Our next person of color of the week will be presented next week.