Barium + Sodium + Sodium + Sulfur = BaNaNaS for New OnRamps Class


Natali Coronado, Social Media Manager, Staff Writer

A new opportunity to get college credit is coming to Azle for the 2019-2020 school year. Science teacher Shayna Reasoner will be teaching OnRamps Chemistry.

This past year, Azle has been working with the University of Texas to provide students with college experience with classes including English Rhetoric, Physics, US History, GeoScience, Statistics, and now Algebra and Chemistry.

“Students would need to take Pre-Ap chemistry or be very strong on on-level chemistry before they take OnRamps chemistry,” Reasoner said. “This is the first year they’re offering it, so it’s not a new rule it’s just a prerequisite for being in OnRamps chemistry.”

The new class will be for students who plan on not majoring in science and is more like a “basic chemistry” credit that is suited for non-science majors.

“It’s different from AP chemistry,” Reasoner said. “If you are planning to go into the science field, anything with chemistry, physics, engineering, you would definitely want to take AP chemistry; it will be regarded at a higher level.”

There are students looking forward to the chemistry class, with diverse career goals and are ready to take on the college experience.

“OnRamps dual enrollment transfers to most colleges,” sophomore Kearson Dominguez said. “Also, it’s great for what I am wanting to major in which is nursing.”

Many students who found a love for chemistry now have the opportunity to further their enjoyment by getting to study chemistry at a more difficult level.

“I have taken Pre-AP chemistry,” Dominguez said. “It was really exciting and I enjoyed all the experience. Also, the labs were so much fun.”

While students get to anticipate their school year during the summer, Reasoner will have to go to UT for two weeks to be trained.

“I’m not worried that it’s going to be too much work. It’s a new class for me, so I know it’s gonna require more work than something I’ve taught before,” Reasoner said. “I am very excited about teaching it. I think it’ll be a good class, and I’ll get to see some of my students again and go into more depth in some of the chemistry topics that we started.”