IDs make a difference

Hannah Curry, Staff Writer

Ever since middle school, students are taught that IDs are a good thing and everyone must wear them at all times. The school district requires them as a safety precaution. They help faculty know whether a person is supposed to be in the school or not.

However, IDs are a bigger issue in high school because no one understands the importance of wearing them. People are constantly losing them and the students make it seem more like an inconvenience if anything.

“I don’t think ID’s would make a difference it’s not hard to know who’s supposed to be here and who’s not supposed to be here,”  senior Emi Chavez said. “There’s a reason why each teacher takes attendance every day for each period. If the teacher doesn’t know his or her class by now then that shows how much teachers really care to know their students. It makes the school safer if the adults have them on and older people walking in and out of our school.”

Like Chavez, many students despise IDs. It’s rare to find a student who doesn’t complain about the everyday requirement. However, there are a few students that don’t mind wearing and keeping up with them.

“I honestly don’t mind IDs; they really don’t bother me and I don’t understand why everyone makes a big deal about it,” senior Samantha Smith said. “I can see how they make the school safer, but I don’t think that they are actually doing a lot for the school.”

Stepping away from the students perspective on IDs, Vice Principal Fursey Gotuaco said: “It’s very easy to say yes. You’ll find in almost every company you’re going to have to have an ID; it’s just part of life so we can tell who’s supposed to be here and not both adult and student.”

Everyone has their own opinions on the requirement but no matter what, it is a district policy and they will continue to enforce it. Might as well stop complaining, make it easier for everyone and just wear your IDs.