Schools out for Spring Break

Tori Patton, Staff Writer

Spring break is coming faster than you may think, the countdown started right after winter break. Make the most out of your spring break with some of these ideas for inspiration.

  • Go to a movie

Grab some friends and get in your mom’s minivan to go see one of those new movies you thought seemed cool. Go to the dollar store and get some cheap snacks and drinks. Make sure one of your friends is designated to bring a backpack or a purse. Then put all of the snacks in there and don’t make it obvious when you’re about to go in.

  • Read a book

I know this sounds very generic but seriously reading a book can help keep you sane. There are so many different genres that can be interesting if you want it to be. Sometimes reading a book becomes a relaxation source, or it could even help you cope with things. I mean you’re on spring break, so you might as well try reading to take a break from technology.

  • Make a fort

If you want to take a nap but also have some fun, then this is for you. Just remember when we were all little and we would make forts with our friends. Doesn’t it just take you back to the good old days? Grab those blankets in that cabinet you never use, and take the chairs from the dining room table. Then use your imagination to make your dream home with blankets and sheets.

  • Do something you have never done before

Remember that new restaurant you saw that looks super good? Dress up a little bit and go out to eat with your friends or even your significant other. You could even pick up a new hobby, just think about your interests and find one that associates with it.

  • Mark some things off your bucket list

Whether it be something small like eating cow tongue or something big like skydiving, you can mark anything off your bucket list. Make some goals and/or things to try and your bucket list will be all set for you to start marking things off.

Those were just a few ideas to spark some inspiration; if you don’t know what to do over spring break except sleep (there is nothing wrong with that), do something productive (but not too productive, I mean you are on break). Spring break is an opportunity to just lay back and chill for a week: do things you want to do.