Something For Your Mind


Maryann Matt, Staff Writer

Most people wish they had a more diverse taste in music. Maybe classical music isn’t your thing. Or rap. Even country might make you want to gag. Never fear, because, among these genres, there are subgenres and which are more suited to your taste.

Classical music has many different artists that each have their own style and musical nuances that you might like. Among the different types of classical music, there are: piano, orchestral, strings, band, and classical guitar are just some of the different types. Some famous classical composers that you might want to try if you’re trying to get into the classical scene are Johann Sebastian Bach (Cello Suite No. 1), Ludwig van Beethoven (Fantasia for Piano), Antonio Vivaldi (Violin Concerto No. 2: Summer), Camille Saint-Saens (Danse Macabre), Gustav Holst (Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity), Franz Liszt (Un Sospiro), Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake), and Erik Satie (Gymnopédie No. 1).

Some people say they listen to everything except country. If you’re this person, this section is for you. There are many different types of country, but many people think of country as being about drinking beer, wooing women, and driving a truck. There is a certain twang to country you must learn to enjoy if you’re looking to get into this genre.

Country started as much more than that with artists such as Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Dolly Parton, and Waylon Jennings. These artists sing of heartbreak, having fun, and odes to moms and other family members while refraining from using the vulgarity in other songs. Modern artists who still hold what the greats in their songs are Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, and Thomas Rhett

Rock can sometimes be overwhelming to people who haven’t been exposed to it throughout their lifetime, so it’s easy for those people to say they don’t like it. If this is the case for you, I recommend starting with indie/ soft rock artists, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Vampire Weekend, and Pixies. As you become more engulfed in the rock scene, you might want to delve into the many other rock genres such as emo, alternative, metal, grunge, punk, and rockabilly.

Looking for recommendations to delve into these? Emo: My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, and Blue October. Alternative: Queens of the Stone Age, Cage The Elephant, and Twenty One Pilots. Metal: Ministry, Korn, and Dream Theater. Grunge: Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Hole. Punk: Sleater-Kinney, Bad Religion, and Ramones. Rockabilly: Reverend Horton Heat, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, and Demented Are Go.

Even though none of these suggestions may help you, it is still important to keep searching for new music and continually work towards becoming more aware of what you could potentially like. Remember to keep an open mind and get to listening!