New classes for the 2019 – 2020 school year

Abi Clinton and Zoe Barber

It’s that time of year again; our 2018-2019 school year is passing us by faster than we can keep up. Before you take your STAAR test and start planning your summer vacation, you should start trying to decide what classes you’ll be taking next school year.

Azle High School is introducing a wide variety of new classes that you will be able to take, so we’re going to give you the inside scoop to aid you in making your decision.


Broadcast Journalism

Coach Stephen Griffin has been a teacher at AHS for – years. What you might not have known was that he originally taught at Springtown High School, where he taught Broadcast Journalism for four years. Thanks to him, we will now have the opportunity to take the class and see what it’s all about. In broadcast journalism, you will be studying journalism from a television, radio and internet point of view. Coach Griffin has also had experience in radio broadcasting, he was a radio broadcaster for athletic events for Azle, Springtown, Boyd, and Weatherford on a couple of local radio stations.

In Broadcast Journalism you will experience things you’ve never experienced, such as getting in front of a camera and thinking on your feet; you’ll learn to see what’s in front of you and describe it as it’s happening.

“It’s the person in front of the camera, talking over the internet, over the radio, over television and studying broadcast journalism from that point of view.” Coach Griffin said.

This class is perfect for anybody who wants to get a little out of their comfort zone and learn more about the world of broadcasting.

Debate II

Coach Megan Wait started teaching Debate I this year, and it was a success. Now, students who took the class or were on the Debate Team can take Debate II to improve their debating skills and learn more about the world of debate.

“It’s really fun seeing everybody’s ideas and opinions grow up into what we do with Debate. It’s fun to see the intelligence that everybody has.” Coach Wait said.

Taking this class will help former Debate I students further improve their ability to construct cases, talk & deliver speeches in front of their peers, and meet deadlines.


Interior Design

Another one of the new classes is Interior Design; Mrs. Natasha Deramee teaches the class and wants to ensure that she inspires each and every one of her students. Interior design has a lot to do with art, but there is also a technical side to the class students need to prepare for.

“Interior design addresses the desire to make a space that is comfortable or exciting, to meet the needs of the customer. It includes construction, architecture, art, color schemes, and landscaping,” Mrs. Deramee said.

If you love to decorate your room or arrange things, this might be the class for you. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, this class could help you get in touch with your artistic side. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in construction, architecture, art, or just looking to find your niche in the design world, this class could be perfect for you. You’ll learn how to tastefully arrange things, talk about the design industry and you will even have the opportunity to go on a few field trips. This class appeals to a wide variety of interests and would probably be enjoyable no matter who you are.


Video Game Design

If you like playing video games and are interested in computers or the way the video games work, Video Game Design may be your new favorite class. Mrs. Prather is teaching the class next year and she’s very excited about it. She hopes this class will bring more girls into computer programming.

“Video game design is a lot of fun. I wish everybody was as excited as I am about computer programming. I love everything about it,” Mrs. Prather said.

You will learn to storyboard a game in order to help you understand what actually goes into designing a game. To those who aren’t interested in computers, this class may not be for you. You have to want to learn about computers in order to be excited about it.

This class will also teach you skills that you will be able to utilize once you graduate high school. You’ll be able to go directly into the industry, or you can use the skills to work your way through college without having to go into debt. Any computer skill you learn is going to be a skill you can use immediately when you leave school.