Ask Nancy (How do I be Happy?)

Nancy, Staff Writer

“How do I be happy? It’s tough but I don’t want to talk to a counselor cause they make me nervous?”


Hey girl, today I’m going to be talking about being happy. Whether it being because of grades, friends or your home life, high school can be stressful and draining. But, there’s always someone you can talk to. Talking to someone and letting all of your feelings out can make you feel a lot better.  You can talk to your parents, a teacher, your boss, friends or the counselor.

The counselor can be pretty scary because they’re an adult and you don’t have a close relationship with them. The counselor is there to give you advice and hear you out, that’s their job. Here are some tips on how to prepare and get the courage to talk to the counselor.

First, decide if it’s that important to talk to them. You could talk to a friend or a family member, but if it’s that personal, try and go the counselor. Practice what you’re going to say beforehand. It’s good to know what you’re going to say ahead of time to cut down your nervousness.

Think about what you are hoping to get out of it. Advice? Getting relief? If you’re wanting to get help, you’re going to have to be open. If you go and don’t want to talk out your problem, what’s the point of going?

If talking to the counselor just isn’t an option for you, then try distracting yourself. Hangout with your friends or do a hobby. It’s temporary but it can work. You can also try just thinking positively. That may sound ridiculous or hard, but it can make a major difference.

I hope my tips helped you and you find the courage to talk to someone. Talking to an adult about a serious topic can be scary, but I believe in you.