Ask Nancy (How do I reduce my stress?)

Nancy, Stress Reducer Extraordinaire

“How do I reduce my stress?”


Hey girl, here are some tips on reducing stress. Some may get more stressed than others, even by small things. First off, figure out what’s stressing you out. Once you find out the problem and how to resolve it, it’ll go smooth sailing from there. But, if the problem is unsolvable, here are some tips.

One thing you can do is use essential oils. They aren’t too expensive, and easy to use. You don’t need a diffuser, you can put it on your wrist or put it behind your ears. Lemon or lavender scent is recommended for stress and anxiety.  

Another thing you can do is distract yourself. Whether that means hanging with friends or just simply doing a face mask. Distracting yourself will help you get your mind off of how stressed you are.

Or, you could try meditating. Meditating is proven to ease anxiety and stress. It’s pretty easy, all you do is sit up and close your eyes and breathe deeply. The point of meditating is to get negative thoughts out and positive–or no thoughts at all–in. Just try and relax and keep those negative stressful thoughts out.

Lastly, you could write everything your feeling down. Maybe you don’t want to talk to anyone, but you need to let it out. Writing down what you’re upset or stressed about can help. After letting your negative feelings out, write down what you’re grateful for. Gratitude could also reduce stress.

You may be stressed, but you got this. I hope my tips help, and you’re stress-free in no time. I wish you best, with no stress.