Flashback King and Queen

Maricella Sandoval, News Editor

At last week’s pep rally, English teacher Neil Corbett and Math teacher Kacie Suratt won the title of Flashback Homecoming King and Queen and were crowned in front of the students.

Over the course of two weeks, Sept. 17-27, Corbett and Suratt along with other staff members were in a race to become flashback king and queen. The female teachers were to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma and the male teachers were to collect canned goods that would be sent to Castle Hills Mission.

Corbett and Suratt, along with the other nominees, were chosen by the student body in the first round of voting.

“Mr. Cooke emailed me and said I was one of the nominees,” Suratt said. “He set up a website for me and I put it out on facebook and I had lots of people send me money.”

As soon as Suratt found out she was a nominee and up against other teachers she started advertising and receiving money.

“I was asked after I was nominated if I wanted to pursue it,” Corbett said. “After I was nominated, I was like, ‘I guess that the students like me so I should probably feel honored.’”

Although both Corbett and Suratt were shocked they had been chosen as nominees for this title, at the same time they were excited and very successful.

“I had former students send me money, I had family members, I had parents of students send me money,” Suratt said.

While Suratt was busy collecting money, Corbett was busy collecting as many canned goods as he could.

“I begged all of my class periods and sent annoying reminds in the evening and in the morning,” Corbett said. “I also started the hashtag King Corbett.”

All the persistence these two put into raising what they needed in order to win paid off. Suratt raised around $425 and Corbett had filled one basket that was overflowing and several boxes as well.