Coffee Mug Cake Madness

Photo by: Schoochmaroo

Photo by: Schoochmaroo

Tori Patton, Staff Writer

Do you ever get hungry for something sweet but nothing in your house will satisfy you? Well, I sure hope I’m not the only one who feels like this at times.

I heard about this cool recipe in this free Apple book, called “10 fun things to do with your microwave”(It was very appealing to my teenage eye.)The recipe was called “5-minute Chocolate Cake,” and you seriously make the cake in a coffee mug with ingredients that you already have in your house. Who wouldn’t want to cook something in a coffee mug?

I was so amused and hooked by this recipe that I decided to try out the so-called “best cake-in-a-mug recipe out there.” So I did what I had to do.

I got one of my mom’s favorite coffee cups (because all of the other cups were dirty, and you know that I’m not doing the dishes.)

I gathered all of the ingredients and followed all the directions that the recipe asked of me. I cooked it for approximately 5 minutes, and I was very disappointed with the results.

I mean, I’m not Gordon Ramsey but I am my mother’s daughter so I should automatically be good at cooking.

I either cooked the cake wrong or the recipe is a little messed up.

I tried again.  

Pour. Stir. Mix. Add. Cook.

Still, the cake looked beyond delicious but the texture was just terrible.

I tried again, I even added ice cream on top afterward and still, it was spongy. I added Cool Whip too.

After the third time trying to make the “best cake-in-a mug,” I knew it was time to break up with this cake recipe.

It’s not me, it’s you.