Trump’s First Veto

Hannah Curry, Staff Writer

President Donald Trump signed his first veto since being President on March 15.

The house and senate both passed legislation attempting to overturn his declaration of national emergency in order to get funding for the border wall.

However Trump vetoed legislation’s decision.

Since Trump signed the veto, the legislation is sent back to Congress which will most likely not have enough votes to overrule.

That being said, Trump’s Declaration of National Emergency will be enforced.

Democrats really do not like the fact that Trump has declared this because they believe that the construction of the Southern border is not an emergency.

They say Trump is only doing this because Mexico will not pay for it and Congress has refused time and time again to provide funding for the wall.

Trump has been very firm on the border issue throughout his whole presidency, doing everything he can to possibly get his wall finally built.

Immigration is a problem for the United States.

However, Trump may be reaching a little far to get the funding for this wall. If he didn’t make this the main focus of his presidency then he wouldn’t feel so much pressure to get it done. So, in a way, he put all this weight on his own shoulders.