Just Spring Things


Tori Patton, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again, where the weather’s bipolar and you regain the runny nose, watery eyes and cough. You guessed it: it’s Springtime. Here are a few fun things to make the most out of this spring.

  • Wear layers

You know how it goes in the spring, you leave the house with a sweater on and come back with it off. The weather never knows how to make up its mind during this time of the year but don’t let it get to you. Always have a light jacket with you or a hoodie and you will be all set.

  • Plan to go to a concert this spring

Since it’s perfect weather for being outside, try to go see your favorite band or go to a music festival. Festivals aren’t usually cheap but you could be from a third party ticket seller and they may bring down the price. Get out of your comfort zone by going to see bands you have never heard of, or listening to different music.

  • Go to the local park with friends

It’s most likely pretty outside (if it’s not raining), so you might as well enjoy it. Grab a chunk of your friend group and go hang out at the park. Go be a kid again. Swing (even if you can’t really fit on the seat without your hips hurting), go down the slide (yes, it will probably shock you like it used to), and climb the plastic rock wall. If you’re like me, make sure you take yourself some allergy medicine.

  • Go thrifting

If you want some steals for a low price and consider yourself quirky then this is for you. Thrifting is very trendy right now and you can literally find anything your heart desires. Grab some friends and travel on down to Family Thrift Outlet on Ephriham off of Highway 199. You can even play a game, pick out some funky outfits for each other and make them wear it all day. Whoever looks the most fashionable wins.

Spring is that time of the year where you can try new things, meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. Just remember to be yourself and have fun with your friends and family members during allergy season.