Indoor Winds in Dayton, Ohio

Maryann Matt, Staff Writer

The WGI Indoor Winds competition took place on Apr. 13-14 in Dayton, Ohio. The Azle Indoor Winds group went up there and left everything out on the floor to give an amazing final performance. The preliminary competition was held in Nutter Center and finals was held at UD Arena.


After finals, results were said at retreat on the floor. Everyone from all the groups were on the floor and confetti cannons were shot when the final results were called. This is at the incredible venue of UD Arena.                

We rehearsed 3 times for about 1.5 to 3 hours each time. Each time we worked hard to fix the small individual mistakes and to clean up the show as much as we could before finals. These are the two places we rehearsed, and Vanessa Tolbert, bass melodica, is excited to perform.

In Ohio, there were a lot of geese everywhere, and the Winds group was mesmerized every time we saw a gaggle. There were many at the mall, and we became enthralled.

Overall, this season has been great with all of these people putting it many hours of work to get better and create bonds with the people around them. This group had an amazing time in Dayton and will carry these memories with them for their entire life.