Headed For The Future


Kaylee Pippins, Editor-In-Chief

After a full year of routines, performances and competitions, the 2018-19 Emerald Dazzlers wrapped up the season at the Spring Show. Held in the Azle High School auditorium on April 26-27, the Spring Show featured performances by the Emerald Dazzlers, PE Dance, and other acts like singing and dramatic readings.

To prepare for the Spring Show, the Emerald Dazzlers practiced constantly and held auditions to find several acts that would perform in between Dazzler routines.

“We pretty much had about two weeks of practice before Spring Show,” senior Captain Kelsi Bernsen said. “On the Tuesday and Thursday the week of the show, we practiced from 5th period until 5:30 p.m.”

The Spring Show showcases many great routines, but a crowd and performer favorite is “Headed For The Future,” performed by the entire Dazzler team highlighting the current and future officer line.

“My favorite part of the show is the final routine,” Bernsen said. “We perform ‘Headed For The Future’ every year and I love that tradition that has been passed down.”

The final routine is performed in the traditional Dazzler uniform. The senior parents walk up on stage and place a graduation cap on the graduating seniors as the seniors pass on their officer line field hats to the upcoming officer line.

“The final routine was so bittersweet,” Bernsen said. “I felt so proud and happy to have been able to be with the Dazzlers for 4 years, but I am so sad to have danced my final dance with them.”