Mrs. Borger

Hannah Curry, Staff Writer

All high school students stress over college, which one fits them, will or how do they get accepted, how do you get scholarships or financial aid to pay for their college? Some students don’t even know where to begin that long process and need some kind of guidance.

Mrs. Borger, our college counselor is here to answer all questions students have about college, she helps students apply for college, scholarships, FAFSA, housing, anything she possibly can.

“I love Mrs. Borger she is so sweet and very helpful, I needed help with scholarships and she really helped me.” said, Senior Alexa Guadiana.

Mrs. Borger did not plan on becoming a college advisor for our school.

“I saw the position was available and applied because I enjoy helping students and think college is important,” Mrs. Borger said.

Mrs. Borger also takes students on free college tours to different colleges in Texas, it allows juniors and seniors to go visit colleges to help get them information and a feel for t soon-to-be college life.

“I am always in her room asking for help or even just talking to her, she is one of my favorite teachers here,” senior Kaycee Hickman said.

In addition, Mrs. Borger is in charge of the “C.O.O.L Program” (College Offers Opportunities for Life).

The C.O.O.L Program’s goal is to provide a full-time college adviser for Azle High School campus to help students enroll in and successfully graduate from colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning. Mrs. Borger has been working with the C.O.O.L Program for seven years.  

Which is why we, Azle High School, are very lucky to have a counselor just for this specific reason, to help guide students down their college preparation path.