Concert Story time: Wallows


Maryann Matt and Tori Patton

Wallows is one of those bands no one really knows about. If you listen to them you can say, “I’m not like other those other girls/boys.”

If you classify yourself as a quirky fun-loving hipster/E-boy, then this band is for you. If you want to bust down to some alternative/indie jams, then go ahead and add their playlist.

Maryann, some friends, and I planned on going to see them long before the concert date. We have all enjoyed their music since day one, so this was our chance to get down to some funky sounds.

We booked our tickets around February, and the concert wasn’t until April 30. The concert was held at The House of Blues Dallas, which really isn’t a place for family. The doors opened at seven, so we wanted to leave around 5:15 because Maryann’s house is a hot minute away from Dallas.

We loaded up, Barretts intact, quirky socks on, bangs combed, face beat, and a heart full of love for Wallows. We got to Weatherford before we realized that Azle was under a Tornado Warning.

We all got the notification on our phones in the backseat, but no one said because we thought it would be fine. But little did we know that the tornado sirens were going off in Azle. So it’s 5:30 and we are in Weatherford, we didn’t know what to do. Maryann’s mom turned around and we went back home.

We all waited patiently at Maryann’s house, with some help from her mom’s Macaroni salad. It finally turned 6-ish and we decided to load back up.

We arrive at House of Blues around 7:00, just in time for the doors to open, but we see this long line of people going back two or three blocks. We get to the front of the line around 8:15 or 8:30, and go in to catch the last few songs of the opener, Mk.gee. He was amazing and definitely worth a listen.

Finally, at around 9:00, Wallows comes on. They opened with Treacherous Doctor to get the night started off right. The energy was high and the tunes were thumping. Everyone was into the concert and singing and dancing to every song.

After the concert, we found a Steak n’ Shake and the whole crew chowed down on some shakes and burgers. We were all exhausted and when we got into the car, we immediately fell asleep.

Overall, the night was a success. Even though there was a tornado warning and a long line of hipsters, we persevered and had fun. This night will be remembered by us all.