Parking at Azle High School


Macie Crawford and Zoe Barber

Students at AHS are having trouble with parking passes. Buying a new pass each year costs $25, and some students have expressed their discontentment with the price of the passes.

“Instead of making us buy one every year, they could have us trade in one for $5 maybe instead of the $25 because it’s a little ridiculous,” Senior Cecilia Clark said. 

The annex office secretary Janine Doyle has said that the money is used for scholarships. Though the money goes to a good cause, some students may not be able to afford it.

“You can talk to a vice principal and they can lower the price for you,” Doyle said. 

If you don’t talk to the administration and continue to not get a parking pass there will be consequences. You can get a one-hour Wednesday detention or even a four-hour Friday detention. The passes are for student safety to ensure the owner of the car is a student.

“We don’t want older students to pass down passes from last year because their cars aren’t registered in our database,” Doyle said. 

Depending on birthdays and when students start school, some start driving late in their Sophomore year. This means over the three years they’re driving they would have to give $75 to the school for said parking passes.

“I paid for my pass last year and now I’m having to do it again,” Clark said. “For kids who don’t have jobs, they would have to get money from their parents to pay for it.”

If you have yet to get your parking pass or have any questions or concerns you can go talk to Mrs. Doyle in the annex office and receive an application form to fill out for the pass.