The Dazzling Mrs. Boyer


Courtesy of Sydney Thomason

Dazzler Director Erin Boyer poses with Senior Captain Sydney Thomason.

Aaliyah Pena and Ethan Marquart

Over the summer, the director of the Emerald Dazzlers Sidnee Denman announced her departure from Azle in a typed letter to her team. In short notice, the team was preparing for a new chapter in their lives. 

Erin Boyer, a mother and wife, quickly came to the Emerald Dazzler’s rescue. Being a retired military family, Boyer had decided to settle in Azle with her family.

“My family and I have only been in Azle for about three years,” Boyer said. “We were a military family traveling all over the lower part of the United States. In that sense we’re new, but we love this community!” 

Growing up, Boyer fell in love with dancing. Her love for dance had her showing no interest in any other sport.

“I started dancing at age three,” Boyer said. “My parents would try to put me in other sports but it just didn’t work out. It didn’t work out because I didn’t want it to; all I wanted to do was dance. It became a passion.”

Passionate, indeed: she strived to continue dancing throughout her teenage and college years.

“I continued with dance throughout high school,” Boyer said. “I went to Kilgore College, where I was on the Rangerettes. I then transferred to UNT where I got a minor in dance. It has continued since then.”

Boyer taught private dance lessons in studios for her filler years up until she was hired as the new director of the drill team and dance teacher at Azle High School. 

“It was more exciting for me than a nervous look on it because I’ve built relationships with these girls. It was definitely an easier transition than coming in without a clue of how the team worked,” Boyer said. 

The Emerald Dazzlers are said to have exciting things prepared for competition season and remaining pep-rallies. 

“This year’s team has a lot of energy and excitement for what’s coming down in competition season,” Boyer said. “We have some really unique contest routines that we’re working on, some things that are definitely out of the box.”

The girls are just as excited as Boyer is to start competition season. They look forward to getting to know Boyer and have a bond as strong as ever.

“I am very excited to have Mrs. Boyer as our director,” Senior Isabelle Crabtree said. “I have gotten very close with her already and I love everything she’s done so far. I believe that she’ll be able to do amazing things with future teams.”