For the Cure


Photo by: Tori Patton

Tori Patton and Cynthia Garcia

Every year, the Student Council hosts a fundraiser to Beat Boswell, Beat Cancer. The fundraiser started Sept. 3 and will end at the Hornet versus Boswell game on Oct. 11.

The fundraiser will benefit toward the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, teachers are collecting donations in boxes.

“We are taking up collections during classes most days of the week,” band director Aaron Martin said. “We go around with a box and ask people around the school if they want to donate toward the cause.”

Leukemia and lymphoma are both types of blood cancers, that affects millions every year. 

“We lost a student a couple of years ago to this horrible disease and he didn’t get to graduate,” geometry teacher Brenda Marlett said. “If we can find a cure, then it’s worth it.”

Donating towards the LLS benefits more than what Administration and students can reach.

“It is important to donate because it’s for a really good cause,” StuCo member and sophomore Grace Walsh said. “If everyone donates just a little bit, Azle High School could make a difference.”

The LLS fundraiser will not only benefit a good cause, but it also contributes toward the  Beat Boswell, Beat Cancer project.

“I feel hopeful that we will beat Boswell again in this fundraiser,”  StuCo Vice President and junior Bailee Johnson said. 

Donating toward the LLS project brings awareness to the cause, and gives hope to those in need.

“You are helping those who need it most,” Johnson said. “It helps out a great cause and for all of us we are making a difference outside of Azle.”