S-P-A-R-K-L-E! What does that spell? SPARKLE!


Sparkle Effect and Hornet Muscle at Homecoming pep rally Sep 20

Hailey Burkett and Kenny Caswell, Staff Writers

This year, for the first time ever, Azle High School has implemented the Sparkle Effect Cheer Team, a group of cheerleaders with and without disabilities who come together to spread Hornet pride. The team was filled with pep, positivity, and passion to make their first appearance at the Homecoming pep rally last Friday.

The Sparkle Effect Cheer Team is an inclusive cheer team that does not discriminate against students with disabilities. The Sparkle Effect is a national program that pushes to start a revolution of social inclusion that wants to empower students with disabilities and bring together all types of students to stand on equal footing.

“Their cheer team is just like my varsity cheer team, were all one”, said Sparkle Effect Member Taytum Rushing.

The program has been beneficial to all students involved. Teachers and students have said they have seen each other become more outgoing and confident. Members and Faculty have noticed that the girls have become more social and excited with each practice or performance. The Sparkle Effect Team wants to emphasize that the program is all-inclusive and open to anyone who wants to participate.

“Everyone has been more independent and outgoing,” said Sparkle Effect Member Catherine Strong.

Their first appearance at the Homecoming pep rally last Friday was met with cheers and praise. As they chanted green, black, and white they brought pep and pride to Azle High School’s competition gym. The performance was soon met with an encore at the homecoming football game that night.

“It’s really awesome to see how excited the girls get to go out and dress up in there uniforms and preform, It’s really impacted them,” said Sparkle Effect Member Harley Morrison

This is the first year Azle High School has implemented this program and plan to keep it going for years to come. Students who wish to take part in this program can get involved by putting the class on their schedule next year along with filling out an application and participating in an interview with Ms. McPherson.