Culinary class at the old Walnut Creek


Grace Walsh and Madisyn Hurst

This year the culinary class is across the parking lot at the old Walnut Creek Elementary school, a lot of students do not like this change.

“I don’t like having to walk across the street to get to class,” junior Abby Walsh said. “I feel like the administrators don’t give that much knowledge to the students that have to walk across.”

Walking across the parking could result in incidents that could lead to serious injuries. 

“It is kind of scary because I almost got ran over one time,” junior Casey Hill said. “the driver had to slam on their breaks.”

The administration and faculty also think walking across the parking lot is a safety issue. 

“It is a safety issue because you have kids that are walking along the street and cars would pull out in front of them,” assistant principal Sonny Hill said. “that’s the main issue I  can see.” 

There are pros and cons of moving the culinary classes to a different building. 

“Some of the pros are the expanded industrial kitchen that really gets the students in the potential atmosphere,” teacher Joseph Koons said. “Some cons would be that class doesn’t start on time because the kids are having to walk a long walk in order to get to class.”

There are some renovation plans to make the school bigger in the future.

“In November there will be a bond election to renovate the school in many ways,” Hill said. “Like expanding the cafeteria, expanding the science labs and turning them into classrooms, building a new band hall and a new drama room like a black box, make some renovation to the AG barn, and hopefully build a new stadium.”